County to County volunteers work to elect strong Democrats to the North Carolina legislature. As a project of the Orange County Democratic Party, we are helping candidates in more than a dozen counties across NC with campaign volunteers and technical support. 

Why is our work important? 

We must elect legislators committed to reclaiming NC’s leadership in public schools; to better jobs and better pay; to clean air and water; to health care for all; to putting our people above special interests; and to protecting everyone’s right to vote. 

How do we help strong candidates?

We train volunteers like you to reach out to registered Democrats in local communities. County-to-County listens to the county Democratic Party leaders and candidates to be sure we are working in sync with specific local interests. Volunteers work with customized scripts in phone banks, and they canvass neighborhoods with a partner. We also provide webinars and in-person training to counties who request help from the Democratic Party. 

Proven record

We have trained and coordinated over 400 volunteers in thirteen counties, supporting strong Democratic candidates who can win their districts. During 2018, County-to-County has made more than 30,000 calls to voters. As Election Day nears, we need a full out effort to reach more voters.


Become a County-to-County volunteer!  We need hundreds of volunteers to canvass in neighboring counties, to staff phone and text banks, and to write postcards.