It’s time to take back our state!

The radical Republicans in the NC General Assembly have prevented thousands of North Carolinians from getting needed healthcare and undermined our education system. Their legislation and proposals benefit wealthy and corporate interests over services needed by all of us.

Worst of all, they have rigged the vote by drawing extreme partisan voting districts. Today we live in a North Carolina where the representatives choose their voters instead of voters choosing their representatives. That’s just plain wrong.

There’s only one way to fix this: Electing a majority of Democrats to the General Assembly. The state legislators we elect in 2020 will choose how new district lines are drawn for the next 10 years.  Winning big in blue counties isn’t enough, to do this we must win across the state.

That’s why County to County is partnering with more than a dozen NC counties to share volunteers and resources to help elect State Representatives and Senators to the NCGA. You can help.  

In 2018, we knocked on 11,000+ doors, made 50,000+ phone calls, and sent 25,000+ texts and 1,000+ postcards to voters for Democratic candidates – and more than 800 Democrats from 70+ NC counties took part in our political skills workshops.

We’re already working to win in 2020, and we need your help. 

The country needs a new President, and we must re-elect Governor Cooper, but the most valuable work you can do for 2020 is in North Carolina’s state legislative races. You can be sure those votes will trickle up!

Join us in the fight to take back North Carolina!