Political Skills Webinars: Spring 2019

C2C - County to County, a project of the Orange County Democratic Party, will host a series of political skills webinars, focusing on skills and activities for 2019. Advance registration is necessary. All online webinars are free. You must register with your name, party affiliation, county of residence, and role in the county party or candidacy. Three days before the scheduled webinar, look for an e-mail with link to the online webinar & instructions on how to connect. Smart Phone, laptop, or tablet are needed.

Register here: https://forms.gle/uqNNdSb48B6RdVyf6

Cyber security

Sunday May 12, 2019       3-4 pm

Tim Gerla, Digital Data Service Team, will give suggestions about where security risks exist, how to prevent problems, and steps to take to protect communication and documents.

For Everyone

Seeing Red/Feeling Blue: running a Democratic Campaign in a Red District

Sunday, June 2, 2019       2-3 pm

Erica McAdoo, candidate for Alamance NC State House in 2018, and her campaign manager, Elaine Berry, offer their experience in how to get started, how to plan ahead, how to map out every detail, and other strategies for winning elections. First message: Start Early! Their ideas can also be a useful guide on county parties and their candidates can help build a stronger county party!

For candidates, would-be candidates, campaign managers, and everyone who participates in Democratic campaigns


Thursday June 6 2019        7-8 pm

Learn the basics of fundraising in the political arena, with suggestions for successful and simple campaigns. Every precinct should know how to raise $1,000. Gail Perry is President of Gail Perry Associates Philanthropy Consultants and has an MBA CFRE.. Gail has experience and professional training in Fundraising Consulting, Capital Campaigns, as a Keynote speaker, author, She is one of America's Top 25 Fundraising Experts 

For Precinct Leaders, Candidates and Party leaders

Strategic Planning: Process and Content for County Chairs

Sunday, June 23, 2019 2-3 pm

Merrill Wolf will offer basic tips on how to conduct  a participatory strategic planning process for county political parties. Merrill has many years of working with non-profits in advancing social justice, gender equality, and global health.  In Part II, J Matt Hughes, 2nd vice chair of NCDP, and member of the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners will talk with Jim Bartow, former Orange County Democratic Party Chair, about  how county parties can use strategic planning .

For County Party leaders

Many thanks to the presenters and to the Orange County Democratic Party and the Durham Democratic Women.

Please check back for future webinars to be added.

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