County-to-County volunteers are proud to work with these candidates!


Meet Terence Everitt

Democratic Candidate for NC House District 35 – Wake County – Wake Forest, Rolesville, Knightdale


Terence is a father, husband, and small business owner. He has his own law practice in Wake Forest where he works on behalf of other small businesses, representing them in legal matters and assisting in the creation and development of new businesses. Terence is committed to local growth and serves as a Member of the Board of Directors for the Wake Forest Area Chamber of Commerce. He is a graduate of Leadership Wake Forest and served as a member of the Wake County Transit Advisory Committee, which provided the community recommendations and guidance in the development of the Wake County transit plan.

In Terrence’s District:  “Jennifer and I met in Washington, DC, but decided to move to North Carolina where Jennifer grew up.  We live in Wake Forest with our two children, Jack (9) and Juliet (6).” -TE



Education:  North Carolina has always been known as a state that values public education.    North Carolina now ranks 43rd in the nation in per pupil spending, more than $3000 below the national average.   

In Terence’s District:  “It is time to stop cutting and start investing in our public schools, in our children, and in our future.”-TE

Small Businesses:  Small businesses are the engine of the North Carolina economy, creating about two-thirds of the new jobs in our state. We should give truly small business owners and startups – not just large, out-of state corporations - a tax break. 

In Terence’s District:  “Rather than treating them as an afterthought, we need to make small businesses an essential element of our economic development discussion.”-TE

Health Care:  NC Republicans have hurt working class by rejecting Medicaid expansion.  By expanding Medicaid, we will bring billions of dollars back to North Carolina.

In Terence’s District:  “It is time to put partisan politics aside and do what is right for North Carolina’s families.”-TE

NC District 35 Facts:    Incumbent Chris Malone (R), Terence Everitt (D), and Michael Nelson (Libertarian) are running in the North Carolina House of Representatives District 35 general election.

Visit his website at  to learn more about his background and platform.


Meet Darryl Moss

Democratic Candidate for NC House District 2 — Granville & Person Counties

c2c - darryl moss.jpeg


Darryl Moss has devoted the last 30 years to his community, including 18 years as the Mayor of Creedmoor. He served on the NC Environmental Management Commission and was a hearing officer for statewide public hearings on animal feeding operations. Mayor Moss was effective: he secured more than $13 million in grants to upgrade Creedmoor’s water and sewer treatment systems, purchase a 142-acre park and expand the city’s sidewalk infrastructure.

In Darryl’s District:  “It is postcard perfect — just gorgeous. Folks should take time to ride down Enon Chapel Road. It is very picturesque. Person has one primary municipality, Roxboro. Granville is quite rural but has five municipalities.” — DM

Darryl’s Platform

  • Education: Put our kids, our teachers and our schools first over corporate tax breaks. The best jobs plan in North Carolina is a first class education system.

  • In Darryl’s District:Both counties have aging school facilities. I will be working hard to secure funds to upgrade them.” —DM

  • Health Care:  Expand Medicaid, reduce medical insurance costs, and establish a statewide health insurance exchange. 

  • In Darryl’s District: “Medicaid expansion is very important to us, as is improved access to health care and improved mental health care resources.” —DM

  • Environment: The other issues we face will be inconsequential if we do not protect our water, air and land. We must stop big polluters and upgrade water and wastewater infrastructures.

  • In Darryl’s District: “We have dramatic water quality issues. In Person there are two coal ash ponds. My opponent voted with Duke Energy and did not require Duke to do anything to protect the community, such as line or close the ash ponds, so there is concern that toxins will leach into the ground water. In Granville the water infrastructure was built in the 1940s. We need state support to upgrade this system.” —DM

District 2 Facts  

Many residents work in neighboring Durham and Wake counties, and in the state psychiatric hospital and the federal prison complex.  Demographically, the district is about 60% Caucasian, 38% African American, with a small but growing Hispanic population. About 40% of residents are ages 50 and older, 40% between 30 and 50, and 20% below age 30.

Points of interest:  In Creedmoor, Finch’s and Owl House Cafe. In Oxford, George’s, Uptown 101, Harvest and Tobacco Road Brewery.

Visit to learn more about Darryl’s community involvement.


Meet Erica McAdoo

Democratic Candidate for NC House District 63 — Alamance County

C2C - Erica McAdoo copy.jpeg


Erica McAdoo is a North Carolina native who has made Alamance County her home. She lives on a small farm with her husband, young daughters, her father and 3 goats, 30 chickens, 3 dogs and 3 cats.

As manager of a Hillsborough law firm, she is responsible for the firm’s budget, strategic planning, human resources and technology. She has owned her own business and understands the needs of small and family-owned businesses. Erica has been an adjunct professor at Meredith and Guilford Colleges.

She is a member of her local NAACP and a volunteer with Burlington Animal Service.

Erica’s Platform

  • Education: District 63 teachers and principals have told Erica they struggle with North Carolina’s low teacher pay, lack of support and lack of funding. Erica wants to remedy these problems.

  • Our Economy: For Alamance County, Erica thinks that quality, affordable education and job skills training are essential.

  • Health Care: Erica will fight for affordable health care for EVERY citizen of North Carolina.

  • A Livable Wage: Erica believes that $7.25/hour is NOT a livable wage, and she will work to increase the minimum wage.

Visit her website to learn more about her community involvement and platform.


Meet Lisa Mathis

Democratic Candidate for NC House District 51 — Lee & Harnett Counties

C2C - Lisa Mathis.jpeg


Lisa Mathis grew up in a military family that was stationed all over the US and the world. She comes from a working class background and always had jobs as a teenager and college student. 

She and her husband Brian have made Sanford their home for 21 years and have raised their children there. Lisa owned her own graphic design business and in 2003 opened ArtStudio in downtown Sanford as a place for children and adults to explore their creativity. 

Lisa’s Platform

“I am running for NC House District 51 because I cannot ignore the needs of my neighbors while seeing that politicians in Raleigh continue to look out for the best interests of the privileged, while leaving our children and working families behind.” — Lisa Mathis

  • Ensuring Quality Education: Lisa will put our children first by providing adequate resources, increased pay for teachers and access to affordable higher education.

  • Supporting Working Families: Lisa will fight for better wages, access to education and training, family and medical leave and affordable childcare.

  • Providing Affordable Health Care: Lisa supports Medicaid expansion and improving treatment and resources for those struggling with opioid addiction.

  • Protecting Water and Natural Resources: Lisa will fight to prevent District 51 from becoming a dumping ground for coal ash. She opposes efforts to reduce regulations on harmful chemicals such as Gen X and efforts to lift restrictions on fracking.

Read more about Lisa’s background and views at


Meet Linda Bennett

Democratic Candidate for NC House District 26 – Johnston County (Clayton, Cleveland, Selma, Smithfield)



Linda Bennett came to Johnston County in 1984 to work for Bayer Pharmaceuticals as an executive.  It is her home now.  She left Bayer to start her own Tar Heel business and lives on her farm out from Clayton.  “I have visited over 3500 homes in the county and I love Johnston County because of all the people that live here.” - LB


  • Education:   Johnston County needs fully funded pre-K education, an increase in per pupil funding and to raise teacher pay to the national average.  Vocational training for Johnston County is needed to take advantage of the high paying pharmaceutical jobs that are going to people outside the county. “Dependable, faster internet connectivity is a starting point for access in education; on-line education is no use to students who have faltering internet connectivity.”-LB

  • Health Care:  It is critical that we expand Medicaid in North Carolina.  “It is the #1 issue for everyone; if you don’t have health insurance, you risk losing the job you have.  We have to help everyone get access to health insurance. -LB 

  • Our Farms:  Hurricane Florence has devastated our farms.  We must have programs that address issues for the long term.  “I know farms that have lost their whole sweet potato crop.  How will they begin again?”-LB 

  • NC District 26 Facts:   District 26 in Johnston County has a population of 83,000+ people and is the site of three international pharmaceutical companies.  Many residents commute to work in Raleigh.  

Local points of interest:  Linda would like people to visit Smithfield and try the Roost and in Clayton visit Mannings.

Visit her website to learn more about her background and platform.


Meet Kirk deViere

Democratic Candidate for Senate District 19

Kirk Deviere.png


Kirk deViere is seeking a Senate seat in Cumberland County, the only Senate candidate C2C volunteers are helping. Kirk grew up on a dirt road in a single wide trailer, worked his way through college and served in the U.S. Army for 10 years. He served on the Fayetteville City Council. Kirk was inspired to run for the Senate by his work with Pathways For Prosperity, an effort to reduce generational poverty. “I have witnessed first-hand how our community leaves people behind. We must stand up and fight to ensure that everyone has equal access to the basic rights they deserve. Now is the time for me to join a team that is working to restore common sense and build a better North Carolina for us all.” —Kirk deViere


  • Education: Reinvesting in our public schools and teachers; increasing access to and spending on early childhood education. “I know from my Chamber of Commerce experience that visiting businesses don’t ask first about taxes. The first thing they ask is, How good are your schools?”

  • Health Care: Expanding Medicaid to provide access to affordable health care; more financial support for mental health services.

  • Environment: Protecting our drinking water and waterways from poisons like GenX. “Our current representatives put polluters over people. This must change.”

  • Economic Issues: Small business growth through innovation; broadband access to low-income counties; creating an economy that works for everyone. “Families in my district have been hurt by increasing taxes, decreasing wages, higher health care costs. The Republicans represent the few, not the many. I want to represent the many, not the few.”

  • Equality: Equal pay for equal work. Kirk pledges to be “a voice against voter suppression and unequal treatment based on gender, race or sexual orientation.” 

“The path of opportunity brought me to Fayetteville in 2000, to work with my former Army mentor Clarence Briggs. I have helped others grow their businesses and I created jobs for others. From the mean and women I worked with, I have learned valuable lessons. Today I own and manage 219 Group, a full-service marketing, advertising and PR firm which I opened almost 10 years ago.”

Local points of interest: Kirk encourages C2C canvassers to spend some time downtown, on Hay and Person Streets. There are restaurants, cafes, microbreweries, interesting niche stores, and many weekend festivals.

Final thought: “People want hope. They want to know that things can get better. Let’s talk about what WE are going to do, and how that affects families.” — Kirk deViere

Learn more about Kirk at


Meet Mike Lee

Democratic Candidate for NC House District 65 – Rockingham & Caswell Counties



Mike Lee has worked in North Carolina as a public service leader for the majority of his career.  His early experience in military service, as a Highway Patrolman and Volunteer Fire Fighter led to his career as Fire Chief in Lincolnton, NC.  He retired in 2012.  He works today as UNC-Greensboro’s Transportation Manager.  ‘I want to serve the citizens of District 65 of Caswell and Rockingham Counties.” - ML


  • Education:  Rockingham County is losing teachers to urban school systems.  Mike wants lottery funds in North Carolina to be used only for education and he wants local school districts to have a say in the use of the funds, so Rockingham and Caswell Counties can invest in higher teacher pay.

  • Health Care:  It is critical that we expand Medicaid in North Carolina.  “Everyone needs health care sometime, but in North Carolina, too many of us can’t get it.”-ML

  • Our Economy:  Mike has experience leading drives for increased funding and building projects and he would bring those skills to get new business and industry.  He also recognizes the need to take advantage of programs to assist our citizens.  “Not expanding Medicaid has cost District 65 an estimated $48M in economic growth and over $550,000 in tax revenue since 2014.”-ML

  • Public Safety:  Volunteer fire fighters are the backbone of fire safety in North Carolina.  Mike would explore ways to give volunteer fire fighters a state income tax deduction to reward them for putting their lives on the line for the safety of their neighbors.

  • NC District 65 Facts:  There are three candidates running for NC District 65:  Mike Lee (D), Jerry Carter (R) and Houston Barrow (Libertarian).  Bart Jones the incumbent is not running for re-election.  District 65 has 80,000+ residents and parts of of Caswell and Rockingham Counties.

  • Local points of interest: Mike would like people to visit Roxboro and try Brookland Eats and the Timberland Restaurant.

Visit his website to learn more about his background and platform.




Senator Valerie Foushee represents District 23 in Orange and Chatham Counties.  She is a life-long resident of Orange County and graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and African and Afro-American Studies. Valerie retired from the Chapel Hill Police Department after 21 years of service. There she supervised two units and administered an $11 million budget.  She was elected to the Board of Education for the Chapel Hill– Carrboro City Schools in 1997, and served as Chair from 2001-2003. In November of 2004, she became the first African-American female elected to the Orange County Board of Commissioners and served as Chair from 2008 - 2010. In 2012, Valerie was elected to the NC General Assembly to represent District 50 – Orange and Durham Counties. She was appointed to the Senate in 2013 to represent Orange and Chatham Counties following the resignation of Senator Ellie Kinnaird.  She was elected to the Senate in 2014 and re-elected in 2016.  Since she has been in the Senate she has worked for bipartisan reform of education funding policy to ensure transparency and appropriate funding for all school districts. 


Representative Verla Insko

NC House of Representatives


Verla Insko is running for her 12th term in the North Carolina General Assembly to represent the 56th NC House District in Orange County.  She is the House Democratic Whip and Campaign Finance Chair.  Her current committee assignments include Appropriations, Education, Health, Insurance, the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Medicaid and Health Choice and the Committee on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Under House Democratic control, she served as Chair of the House Health and Human Services Appropriations Committee and the Joint Mental Health Oversight Committee. She was the primary sponsor of bills that created the state’s high-risk health insurance program, the Farmland Preservation Trust Fund and the requirement for pistol permit clearance through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.  She has received numerous awards for her work including the Green Tie Award from Environment NC and the James Bernstein Excellence in Public Service to Children Award from the NC Pediatric Society.  Insko received a BA in Biology from Fresno State College in Fresno, CA and an MPA from the UNC – Chapel Hill. She is a retired health program administrator from the UNC School of Medicine.


Representative Graig Meyer

NC House of Representatives


Representative Graig Meyer has served in the North Carolina House of Representatives since 2013 when he was appointed to replace Valerie Foushee, who went to the state senate.  He represents House District 50, serving constituents in portions of Orange and Durham Counties and currently serves as Candidate Recruitment Chair for the House Democratic Caucus.  Graig has worked across party lines as the founding Co-Chair of two bipartisan, bicameral legislative caucuses, the Early Childhood Caucus and the Life Sciences Caucus. During the 2015-16 legislative session, Graig was the Co-Chair of the House Democratic Freshman Caucus.  He successfully passed legislation to help families save money to care for their children with disabilities through adulthood; to help parents protect their children from online predators; to make it easier for families to set up guardianships for aging adults; and to help individuals and families by reducing the cost of home mortgage processing.  Prior to becoming a legislator, Rep. Meyer spent sixteen years working in North Carolina’s public schools.  Graig has extensive experience with policy and staff development initiatives designed to end institutionalized racism and promote educational equity and excellence.  He continues to work with schools and youth-serving non-profits as the co-founder and principal consultant with The Equity Collaborative, LLC.